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Innovation and testing are crucial components of the aviation industry.

They ensure that aircraft are safe and reliable before they are put into service, and that they meet the necessary regulatory standards. Recently, a LinkedIn post by Sam Thompson, CEO & CTO of Aura Aerospace, shed light on the importance of sharing test failures for the safety of the general public.

In his post, Thompson shared a video of a ground test of Aura Aerospace’s EVTOL aircraft models. He also described in detail how the aircraft experienced a component failure during these ground tests and disclosed details of the components and configuration. While this may seem like a negative development, Thompson’s post emphasizes the importance of sharing this type of information for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

Aircraft manufacturers have a responsibility to share test failures and other important data to ensure that safety standards are met and upheld. This is especially crucial in the EVTOL space, where there are still many unknowns and potential risks associated with the technology.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are sharing test data, leading to an unrealistic perception of the industry and preventing safety from being applied universally. This is in contrast to the safety culture of certified passenger aviation, where transparency and sharing of information are key components.

By sharing test failures, manufacturers can collaborate to identify potential risks and work together to create better safety standards for the entire industry. This ensures that EVTOL aircraft are developed with safety as the top priority, and that the technology is developed in a way that benefits everyone.

The post by Sam Thompson sheds light on the importance of sharing test failures in the EVTOL industry. This approach ensures that aircraft manufacturers take responsibility for the safety of the general public and work collaboratively to create better safety standards. As the EVTOL industry continues to evolve, it is crucial that manufacturers prioritize safety and work together to create a culture of transparency and collaboration.

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