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Aura Aerospace is announcing it’s highly experienced Leadership Team, based in the Bay Area.

Established amid the challenging business conditions of 2020, Aura Aerospace is developing multiple unique Aerospace products that will provide new and unique value to consumers and industry alike. With over 40 years collective direct experience in the Drone and eVTOL industry, the team is uniquely positioned to develop safe, modular systems and VTOL aircraft.

Composed of US Defense Veterans and Drone Industry Professionals, The Team has significant rapid prototyping, testing, through to commercial product experience across consumer drone parts as well as within a DoD Supply Chain.

Industry leaders our Team has worked with as prior consultants, partners or employees:

The FAA, US Navy, General Dynamics, Griffon Aerospace, GoPro, Xoar Aerotech & more.


About Aura Aerospace:

Aura Aerospace was founded in August 2020 by a team of Defense Veterans and Professionals, brought together through a shared passion in high performance giant drone technology. With 40 years of combined direct experience with electric VTOL systems, the founders have laid the pathway to extreme high energy, heavy lift electric VTOL applications. Delivering on industry needs at both a component and systems level, Aura Aerospace is establishing a platform of safety, reliability and dependability in high power electric VTOL systems.

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Contact Us:

+1 (415) 690 2010


751 13th Street
San Francisco
California 94130
United States

*By appointment only.