Powercell 100kF 25V Graphene Ultracapacitor Bank


Aerospace Grade Energy Storage System.


Mass:    10 kg  |  22lbs  (incl. case, wire & connector)
Power Density:   2.16 kW/kg  |  1 kW/lbs
Capacity:  600 Wh
Max. Continuous Power:  4.23 kW
Peak output (3s): 21.6 kW
Fire Risk:  None
Maintenance Requirement:  None
Operating Temperature: -40°F | —40°C  ~  158°F | +70°C
Connector Type: QS-8 Anti-spark

INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: 1x Powercell 100kF 25V Graphene Ultracapacitor Bank, 1x Polypropylene Marine Battery Box, 1x Mounting Strap, 2x QS-8 Anti-spark Connector Cable Extension Sets, 2x QS-8 Anti-spark Connectors. Please note: Label print subject to change from shown without notice. 

Download The Powercell 100kF Data Sheet

Lead Time:
Powercell units are made to order – Production lead time: 6 to 8 weeks.

Please Note:
Packaging design and performance characteristics subject to change in connection with on-going technical design decisions. In all cases, these changes will be based on proven safety enhancements, performance improvements, form factor reduction and system integration improvements. Please contact us for customized packaging and terminal options.


Powercell 100kF Specs:


Mass: (includes case, wire & connector)

10 kg


Power Density:

2.16 kW/kg

1 kW/lbs

Energy Density:

60 Wh/kg

27 Wh/lbs


600 Wh

Fire Risk:


Maintenance Requirement:


Operating Temperature:

-40°F | —40°C ~ 158°F | +70°C

Peak Voltage at Charge:

27 v

Nominal Discharge Voltage (180A):

23.5 v

Voltage at Discharge Termination:

18 v

Max. Continuous Power:

4.23 kW

Peak output (3s):

21.6 kW

Demonstration Video: Short Circuit Protection, 600wh Capacity.
*Highly dangerous, Do not attempt

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend on connecting multiple Powercell units in series to achieve higher voltages: The maximum series configuration we recommend is 4x Powercell units, totaling in 100v (~24S) operating voltage. If you would like to run higher voltages in a custom pack (such as a 400V lightweight ev battery), please contact us. – A custom solution with no wire will be able to achieve even higher current than specified here. 

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause reproductive toxicity or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Charging Ratings

Standard Charge / Discharge:

600W (~30A) in 1hr

Standard Fast Charge:

1.2kw (~60A) in 0.5hr

Extreme Fast Charge:

3.6kw (~180A) in 10min

Life Cycle

Only Gentle use:

15A in/out = 500 000 Charge/Discharge Cycles

Only Standard use:

30A in/out = 250 000 Charge/Discharge Cycles

Only Fast use:

60A in/out = 125 000 Charge/Discharge Cycles

Only Extreme use:

180A in/out = 50 000 Charge/Discharge Cycles

Please note: extreme fast charging is very dangerous; you must follow all safety instructions provided with your Powercell. Before attempting an extreme fast charge, you must ensure your power supply is correctly calibrated and perform an initial stepped test to ensure there are no calibration defects in your system when operating at high current. Do not attempt an extreme fast charge without first conducting these tests. If there are any thermal or calibration issues in your charging setup, do not attempt an extreme fast charge, contact customer support using the details provided with your Powercell purchase.


Powercell 100kF is built in an ultralight construction – the lightest possible case and packaging methods to reduce the AUW of our aircraft. It can be built into hard cases and also other custom voltages on request.


Use cases:


We developed Powercell specifically for use in our electric eVTOL aircraft, the Guardian, however it has a range of other applications and use cases:

  • High power robotics
  • High performance electric vehicles
  • Fast charge e-bikes
  • Electric boating & marine
  • High power car audio
  • Off-grid power
  • High energy ion plasma
  • High power directed energy


  • Guardian G1 VTOL Aircraft Initial Payment